SikTh vocalist Mikee W Goodman to provide character voiceover on video game

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SikTh vocalist Mikee W Goodman to provide character voiceover on upcoming video game ‘No Truce With The Furies’

While hard at work on writing their new album SikTh vocalist Mikee W Goodman has found the time to provide a character voiceover for the upcoming role-playing video game ‘No Truce With The Furies’ which also features original music by the Mercury prize winning band British Sea Power. He comments:

“I really enjoy doing character voices and delving into a fictional world. It is inspiring and instantly rewarding. Robert (Lead Designer) is a really inspiring person to work with. I have enjoyed this process throughout and am excited to see how the game plays out. I personally would love to do more of this kind of thing. I would like to do animations as well as video games.”

Robert Kurvitz, lead designer at ZA/UM Studio adds: “No Truce With The Furies is our debut, a role-playing game that tackles stuff video games usually don’t. Like politics. Failure. Divorce. Trying to win back the respect of your friends. Mikee W Goodman is a central character called Ancient Reptilian Brain / Limbic System — facets of our protagonist’s alcohol mangled nervous system. In No Truce With The Furies you can talk to the most ancient, buried parts of yourself, a middle aged disgraced cop. It’s crazy stuff, hearing Mikee’s voice reach out through the screen. Taunting you, guiding you, a hidden narrator of sorts. I think he’s an unbelievable find for voice acting, people are gonna be blown away.”

Watch the first teaser for the procedural role playing game above. More updates on the game’s availability will come in 2017 from

SikTh will also tour Europe in February and March next year supporting Trivium, see below for more details.

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