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 -By Zack Sigel
Bobby Liebling has been writing music since before your parents were born. His band, Pentagram, may be one of the most influential heavy metal bands in history; it’s certainly one of the longest lasting. But much of Pentagram’s existence has been defined by its struggle to stay whole. Liebling spent much of his career in various states of addiction to the kinds of toxins that tend to kill musicians on or around age twenty-seven. Because of this, more people have left Pentagram than have played on its records or in its live shows, with the intertwined futures of the band and Liebling himself always uncertain.In 2011, the documentary Last Days Here showed Liebling at his worst, nodding off and scratching out subcutaneous insects. But the film ended on a positive note: Liebling beat his addictions, had gotten married, and a baby was on the way. He made a triumphant return to playing live, taking the stage at Manhattan’s Webster Hall to rapturous cheers. Shortly before the film’s debut, longtime collaborators Greg Turley (bass) and Victor Griffin (guitar) also rejoined the band. This time, it was for good. Now Pentagram has had a chance to reflect on the legacy they’ve left, and what comes next.
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