Morta Skuld release new track “Breathe In The Black” from new studio album ‘Wounds Deeper Than Time’

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Morta Skuld release new track “Breathe In The Black” from their new studio album Wounds Deeper Than Time

Reinvigorated US death metal maestros Morta Skuld return with Wounds Deeper Than Time, their first full-length release since the Surface album in 1997. The punishing ‘Breathe in the Black’ is now streaming via Soundcloud below.


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Mainman Dave Gregor comments on the track:
“The main centre of this song is how we as people spread negativity and how we breathe it and live it. It almost becomes an everyday part of our lives – mine included. You get what you put out there, so if you put out a negative vibe that is exactly what you will get back. Some people thrive on this and rely on it as part of their life. I try to be positive as much as I can and believe in the good that is out there”.

Wounds Deeper Than Time presents Morta Skuld’s finely honed mix of power and brutality with a foot firmly planted in the old school. A pummelling union of twisted melody and crushing riffs, Wounds Deeper than Time was recorded, mixed and mastered at Mercenary studios by Scott Creekmore (Putrid Pile, Broken Hope, No Zodiac, Waco Jesus, Bloodline, Lividity) & produced by the band themselves. Cover art comes courtesy of Patrick Kachellek, who created the cover for the band’s comeback EP, Serving Two Masters in 2014. Joining longstanding member and founder David Gregor (Guitar/vocals) is Scott Willecke (Guitar), AJ Lewandowski (bass) & Eric House (drums).

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