Dødheimsgard’s ‘Kronet Til Konge’ set for reissue this December on Vinyl and 2CD

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Dødheimsgard’s early iconic albums are set for release on Peaceville Records, commencing with the 1995 debut, ‘Kronet til Konge’ on December 11th, on 2-CD and vinyl. ‘Monumental Possession’ and a specially expanded version of the ‘Satanic Art’ EP will follow in 2016.

Marking 20 years since its original release, Dødheimsgard’s classic and highly-regarded debut is presented as a special 2-disc package, including a bonus CD in the form of an extremely rare rehearsal session recorded in 1994 on the run up to the album studio session, with raw renditions of tracks from the trio of Vicotnik, Aldrahn & Darkthrone’s Fenriz on bass.
The included booklet features unseen photographs, and liner notes from all 3 members, sharing their memories of the band’s formation and early history and can be pre-ordered from the Peaceville Store.

To fans of black metal, Dødheimsgard need no introduction, being as they are one of the great purveyors of the Norwegian Black Metal creative evolution. The band was formed in 1994 by Aldrahn (Thorns, The Deathtrip) and Vicotnik (Ved Buens Ende). The early incarnation was that of a raw and at times melodic black metal band. Over time they became known as one of the premier avantgarde black metal acts, as recently cemented on the band’s mighty fifth album, ‘A Umbra Omega’ released earlier this year.

Dødheimsgard are set to play more live dates in support of the ‘A Umbra Omega’ release, including a forthcoming show at the Trondheim Metal fest, taking place 1st – 3rd October.


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