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Now only a week before the release of their new album ‘Aborted From Reality’, Static Abyss unveil a second cut from the forthcoming album released on Friday.

The video for which was directed by Matthew Vickerstaff (Instagram / Facebook) once more and reverberates the sense of the grandiose morbidity that Static Abyss dwell in. Adorned by slime green walls and in the middle of a hellish inferno it’s the perfect visual accompaniment for the track.

Speaking on the single the band had the following to say:

“There it is on the horizon…are those actual windows on the outside or just reflections of what you hope to find inside? The only way to find out is to make the quest and enter. You may not like what you find inside but it will be too late to turn back. Also…you will not be alone.” – Chris Reifert

Aborted From Reality’ follows swiftly on from Static Abyss’ 2022 debut, ‘Labyrinth of Veins’; itself a wild and contagious ride through a nightmarish soundscape. This album presents a stark contrast between a brutal wall of riffs and crawling darkly hypnotic guitar leads burying themselves under the skin, and combines for a sick and unnerving experience through Death Metal combined with Crust and Doom elements. Chris’ unmistakable vocals come spewing from the depths of insanity in this soundtrack to an anxiety-filled dimension, backing up the twisted riffs from Greg’s own cauldron of mental chaos.

Aborted from Reality’ was recorded at Earhammer Studios in Oakland, CA , with engineering, mixing and mastering overseen by Greg himself. Following on from the debut release, cover art appears once again courtesy of All Things Rotten.

Although a relatively new act itself, Static Abyss comprises of longstanding members of the US metal scene. The band consists of the duo of Greg Wilkinson (Guitars/bass) & Chris Reifert (drums/vocals), both members of legendary American masters of sickness Autopsy, with Greg (also of cult act Deathgrave) recently becoming the band’s new permanent bass player for the band’s ‘Morbidity Triumphant’ opus.

Aborted From Reality track listing:

  1. Aborted From Reality [03:06]
  2. Wormskinned [04:42]
  3. Cathedral of Vomit [05:27]
  4. Cerebral Ghost [04:28]
  5. Mind Tentacles [02:45]
  6. Poisoned Limbs [01:00]
  7. Horizon of Cremains [03:50]
  8. Crosses and Coffins [03:39]
  9. Unrepentant Mutant Serpent [04:08]
  10. Dehumanized [00:57]
  11. The Static Abyss [05:30]
  • CD (Digipak)
  • Black vinyl LP
  • Toxic Green LP
  • Digital