Aborted From Reality

The sophomore effort from Death/Doom metal duo Greg Wilkinson and Chris Reifert of US gorelords, Autopsy

Out Now on Peaceville Records

Static Abyss announce new album ‘Aborted From Reality’

release single ‘Wormskinned’ sophomore album out now!

Today, the duo of Greg Wilkinson and Chris Reifert reveal the first slab of Death Doom to come in the form of their new single ‘Wormskinned’ from forthcoming new album ‘Aborted From Reality’ out now.

Wasting no time following the 2022 release the band return with their otherworldly Venn diagram of Death Doom and Crust sounds and set their sights once more on their new album ‘Aborted From Reality’

Although a relatively new act itself, Static Abyss comprises of longstanding members of the US metal scene. The band consists of the duo of Greg Wilkinson (Guitars/bass) & Chris Reifert (drums/vocals), both members of legendary American masters of sickness Autopsy, with Greg (also of cult act Deathgrave) recently becoming the band’s new permanent bass player for the band’s ‘Morbidity Triumphant’ opus.

Aborted From Reality’ follows swiftly on from Static Abyss’ 2022 debut, ‘Labyrinth of Veins’; itself a wild and contagious ride through a nightmarish soundscape. This album presents a stark contrast between a brutal wall of riffs and crawling darkly hypnotic guitar leads burying themselves under the skin, and combines for a sick and unnerving experience through Death Metal combined with Crust and Doom elements. Chris’ unmistakable vocals come spewing from the depths of insanity in this soundtrack to an anxiety-filled dimension, backing up the twisted riffs from Greg’s own cauldron of mental chaos.

Aborted from Reality’ was recorded at Earhammer Studios in Oakland, CA , with engineering, mixing and mastering overseen by Greg himself. Following on from the debut release, cover art appears once again courtesy of All Things Rotten.

The album announcement is also accompanied by the first single to come from the new record, titled ‘Wormskinned’. Alongside this, an animated lyric video was created by Matthew Vickerstaff to bring the wretched universe of the album’s anxiety inducing milieu into life. The video gives us a look into nightmarish landscape of ‘Wormskinned’. Musically the song moves between barbaric tremolo picking to surefooted groove with dash of gloom courtesy of their haunting twin guitar harmonies.

“Sometimes becoming the undisputed king or queen of filth, disease and dirt are worth selling your soul for. When you are in that ravenous state of mind, nothing else matters. It happens all the time.

Static Abyss – Multi Mock

The album will be available in multiple formats that include CD, black vinyl, ‘Toxic Green’ Vinyl as well as digitally.

Aborted From Reality track listing:

  1. Aborted From Reality
  2. Wormskinned
  3. Cathedral of Vomit
  4. Cerebral Ghost
  5. Mind Tentacles
  6. Poisoned Limbs
  7. Horizon of Cremains
  8. Crosses and Coffins
  9. Unrepentant Mutant Serpent
  10. Dehumanized
  11. The Static Abyss

Labyrinth of Veins

The debut studio album of eerie Death/Doom metal depravity from Greg Wilkinson and Chris Reifert of US gorelords, Autopsy

Released on 22 April on Peaceville Records

Static Abyss premiere lyric video and single for “Labyrinth Of Veins”, the title track from the forthcoming debut album due for release 22 April

“Watch close enough and you’ll find your way into the labyrinth.…listen close enough and you’ll discover that there is no way out.” Chris Reifert

Following on from the announcement from Autopsy’s Chris Reifert and Greg Wilkinson, that they have joined forces to create a new mouthpiece for a rotten age – Static Abyss and their debut studio album entitled Labyrinth Of Veins will be let loose on Peaceville on 22nd April.  The duo have premiered a new lyric video, created by  Matthew Vickerstaff, for the album’s title track.  “Labyrinth Of Veins slowly crawls evolving into a cacophonous wall of gloom. Unlike Jawbone Ritual, this track remains slow and evil from front to back.” explains Greg Wilkinson.

SA LoV cover x1000

Labyrinth Of Veins tracklisting 

  1. Feasting On Eyes
  2. Nothing Left To Rot
  3. You Are What You Kill
  4. Mandatory Cannibalism
  5. Labyrinth of Veins
  6. Jawbone Ritual
  7. Contort Until Death
  8. Tectonic Graveyard
  9. Morgue Rat Fever
  10. Clawing To The Top Of The Dead

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Static Abyss is the new mouthpiece for a rotten age consisting of the duo of Greg Wilkinson (Guitars/bass) & Chris Reifert (drums/vocals), both members of legendary American masters of sickness Autopsy, with Greg (also of cult act Deathgrave) recently welcomed as their new bass player.

Static Abyss’ debut studio album, ‘Labyrinth of Veins’, presents an unnerving, multi-layered eerie concoction of dirty doom and death, Chris Reifert states the album themes are to “explore the echoes of insanity manifested through human existence.” The result; a sinister onslaught of, at times, slow and bludgeoning brutal metal whilst at others whipped into a storm of chaotic vile hysterics. The spirit of Autopsy is at times present in the truly titanic riffs swathed in chilling atmospheric guitar leads, whilst Chris’ seemingly bottomless pit of morbid inspiration from the dark & twisted corners of life permeate the release with his highly distinguishable delivery to further the descent into madness.

The band have released the first track – “Jawbone Ritual” accompanied by a lyric video created by Matt Vickerstaff – watch here.

‘Labyrinth of Veins’ was recorded at Earhammer Studios in Oakland, CA, & Great American Music Hall, with engineering, mixing and mastering overseen by Greg himself. With the cover art appears courtesy of All Things Rotten.

On 22nd April, Labyrinth Of Veins will be released on CD, black vinyl LP with printed sleeve including full lyrics and digitally.