Pentagram re-signs with Peaceville Records, new album recording underway

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Peaceville Records is proud to announce the re-signing of US metal legends Pentagram for their forthcoming studio album, set to be released summer 2015. The highly influential American heavy metal/doom act fronted by the mysterious Bobby Liebling, formed in the early 1970s, though their debut album – now known as ‘Relentless’ – didn’t see a release until 1985. Through 4 decades of adversity and triumph, Pentagram has become a legendary international act and have firmly stamped their name in the heavy metal history books.

Pentagram recently completed pre-production with Swedish producer Mattias Nilsson at studios in Baltimore, DC and VA with additional vocal and guitar production in Knoxville, TN with Travis Wyrick.  Wyrick is a Grammy Award-winning producer who produced their previous album, ‘Last Rites’.

The band comments on the signing:

PENTAGRAM is happy to return to the label that helped relaunch interest in our debut album and introduce us to a new metal audience in the 1990s.  Peaceville Records has been an ally to us throughout the past 20 years.  We are happy to have them by our side once again as we record our fourth album under their banner.  Never properly recorded songs written by Bobby in the 70s will  be heard on the album as fresh as they were when they were written over 40 years ago. Brand new numbers by the core of Griffin, Turley and Liebling that were written this fall will appear along the old songs, and will produce an album that encompasses the true spirit of Pentagram. Doom is often mistaken as exclusively slow music.  If you listen to our classic “doom” album “Relentless”, many of those doomed classics are quite fast.  One of the magics of doom metal is to have a faster song seem much slower because of the sheer heaviness of the number.  That’s what we are going for. The band will sound like they are as much from the street as they are from the Sabbath, because, well, we are.” 
It has also been announced that Sean Saley has decided to step down from the drum throne. “Minnesota” Pete Campbell will step in to complete recording and touring duties throughout 2015. Campbell is best known for his drumming with Victor Griffin’s In-Graved, Place of Skulls and stoners Sixty Watt Shaman.

Preceding the still-to-be-titled opus is an extensive DVD release, ‘All Your Sins’, featuring numerous electrifying concerts spanning three decades & over 7 hours, straight from the band’s collection. This first-ever official video collection recovers, repairs and resurrects the earliest known footage of these doomed metal pioneers and more. Featuring 2 DVDs packed with priceless archive footage, as well as recent shows, ‘All Your Sins – Video Vault’ unearths the rumoured lost visual evidence pent up in the Ram Family vault for decades.


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Although always a cult act with a strong and dedicated worldwide fanbase, Pentagram has enjoyed a recent surge in interest due in part to the fly-on-the-wall 2011 documentary, ‘Last Days Here’ following the life, trials & tribulations of Bobby Liebling. The film gained international recognition; travelling the worldwide film festival circuit where it won several awards including “Best Music Documentary” at the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam.

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