Mysticum unleash their own beer brand

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Following the release of last year’s landmark album of Norwegian black metal destruction, ‘Planet Satan’, and as the band is about to make a highly-anticipated first live appearance in nearly 20 years headlining Helsinki’s esteemed ‘Black Flames of Blasphemy’ festival (November 13th & 14th), Mysticum have their sights set on a new form of global poisoning with the release of their own beer brand, ‘Mysticum’, in partnership with Belgium’s Bryggia Brewery.

The first two beers in the Mysticum series are currently under development and are as follows:

– A special spicy blond ale with 4,7% alc.

– A super strong blond tripel with 9,99% alc.


The band’s manager comments:

“On 8th October 2015, a contract for a unique collaboration project between Mysticum and Bryggja Brewery (Belgian artisan brewery) was signed. And with good reason…

Norway has its Black Metal, while Belgium not only has its unique and totally unbeatable beer styles, but is also well known for their beer brands such as Satan, Lucifer, Judas, Duvel (Devil), among others. Both sharing the same spirit; well known for being obsessed with the darkness, sharing the same passion- and being pioneers in what they do. So, who better to join forces for this hellish pact than Mysticum and a Belgian brewery?

Taste directions and recipes are carefully defined in collaboration with the brewery, and test batches will be produced shortly. After our approval of the tests we will proceed with what will become the final products. All necessary info will be given closer to release, but for now we can at least announce to the world the birth of ’Brewery of INFERNO’.

Get ready to disappear; into the crypt of a true Belgian beer!”

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