Darkthrone’s Fenriz launches new radio show

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Fenriz radio show 2021 logo
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“The Fenriz Metal Pact”

Have you missed the tones of Norway’s finest metal host? Have you longed to rediscover tracks or be introduced to new artists and songs from across the world? Have you often thought how cool it would be to have a podcast formatted like a radio show that featured specially curated playlists by Fenriz?

If the answer was yes – then you’re in luck – THE FENRIZ METAL PACT is here for you!

“So, after 3 years of Radio (Fenriz) silence I am back, I had listeners in more than 50 countries back then on soundcloud and it was a one way communicative channel (get it?) only this time my show is a tad more interactive and I have a sidekick that will monitor questions you can ask me that I will answer on the show and the songs will be played on the show directly and I will talk a lot more than I did on my soundcloud shows.

The styles I will play are typically more underground stuff, old demo tracks and songs and bands I genuinely dig the hell out of and should cater to all you metal maniacs from ALL countries. I have stuff to do and a life to lead so there will only be two episodes a month and with this you can all get to know me and my taste in metal a bit better. I cannot offer you THE truth but I can offer you MY truth”.

It IS behind a paywall so for the sake of Testament those of you who are interested in FENRIZ METAL PACT will need to get OVER THE WALL and join in the pact.”

The first episode is free to stream and all subsequent episodes will be released every other week and are exclusive to subscribers. The subscription fee is 3 USD a month.