Autopsy announce new bass player

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Autopsy have announced that Greg Wilkinson has joined their ranks “We’re excited to announce that Greg is the madman joining us provide the four string thunder for Autopsy! He’s a good bud of ours and we are well acquainted with his crushing musical skills. We know you’re going to be as stoked with our choice as we are. Give him a nice big welcome, will ya?

For those of you not familiar with Greg’s work – he’s a studio engineer and musician; owner / engineer of Earhammer Studios in Oakland, CA known for producing local bands like High on Fire, Autopsy, Necrot, Mortuous, Vastum, Ulthar, Violation Wound as well as non local / international bands like Undergang, Phrenelith, Hyperdontia, Withered, etc.
Check out some his work here
Leather Glove band camp link – featured leads by both Danny and Eric on the album “Perpetual Animation”
Brainoil bandcamp link 
Music video 
Deathgrave band camp link 
Music video

Congratulations Greg on joining Autopsy, can’t wait to see what you’re going to bring  …

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