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Following the release of ‘SHIKI’, their new studio album, the cult Japanese black metal legends Sigh have released a new video for the track “Shoujahitsumetsu

Sigh mainman Mirai Kawashima explains the meaning behind the track‘Shoujahitsumetsu’ is a word in Buddhism and stands for “Anything that is alive has to die in the end”. I tried to express my fear of death through the album, and this song should be the case in point. This is the most furious track on the album filled with my feat that will never fade away.”

The release of the performance video comes just as the band are returning to London for their first show in 12 years – they’ll be playing on Wednesday 14th December at the Scala with Anaal Nathrakh .. this is not a show to be missed!  “I cannot believe that it’s been 12 years since we played in the UK last time. Time flies! But anyway we’ll be back. And it is so exciting to play with a great band like Anaal Nathrakh!! We will play the varied songs from our debut album “Scorn Defeat” to the latest one “Shiki”. Don’t miss it, or you are going to have to wait for another 12 years!” says Kawashima 

Sigh’s recently released opus, ‘Shiki’, is dark & eclectic blackened heavy metal, shrouded in traditional eastern influences, and marks the latest chapter in the Sigh legacy, which includes some of the band’s heaviest and darkest material for some years; has been wowed fans new and old and received critical acclaim from the worldwide media – a selection of comments from reviews are to the right. “Sigh are one of the most fascinating acts in metal today”

PopMatters – “another Sigh banger”

Decibel – Shiki produces another marvel of unbound cohesion, an uninhibited freedom fighter of sound and fury that always sticks the unexpected landing”

Metal Hammer –’Shiki is gleefully defined more by imperial, crunching riffs, dazzling twin-axe melodies and Mirai’s tasteful cosmic synth runs’

Blabbermouth ‘Masters at work’

JaMe –  Rarely has a man grappling with his own mortality sounded so good.

Progressive Music Planet – This is Sigh at its most epic … Awesome.

Sonic Perspectives – “Immediately transfixing, arresting and breathtakingly diverse”

Musipedia of Metal – “it is fucking brilliant”

Legacy (DE) – „Sigh are still one of the most original and most competent bands from the far east, ignoring genre-limitations and nevertheless creating catchy worldclass music…”

Metal Hammer (DE) “SHIKI is a wonderful multi instrumentally kaleidoscope …”

Sonic Seducer (DE)“An exciting ride through crazy soundscapes, that are atmospheric and complex at the same time, that seem obscure and bizarre, featuring a necessary dose of madness”“Every track offers a well portioned excess of craftsmanship and songwriting-talent, not to mention the technical skills of the musicians.”

Loud Magazine (Aus) – “Shiki is as unpredictable as it is brutal, as melodic as it is dissonant, atmospheric and occasionally unsettling” – “it is a masterpiece”

URN – “Legendary Japanese band Sigh delivers another fantastic album with Shiki. A must have !”

Rock Hard (IT) “A fantastic album with a lot of creativity and versatility”

Rockerilla (IT) “a fascinating, colourful, scintillating album.”