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After unveiling two singles of ‘Bortgang’ and Tilbake Til Opprinnelsen MORK deliver a stunning video for ‘Forført Av Kulden’ to celebrate the release of ‘Dypet’.

Thematically, ‘Forført Av Kulden’ deals with the beguiling force of the cold, often portrayed as an omnipresent character within the world of Black Metal and a look into the natural beauty in death. On the single our protagonist enters a trance-like state to wander the forest and eventually freeze.

The song is also accompanied by a striking video, directed by Trond-Atle Bokerød,  which echoes the primordial allure of nature, synonymous with the Black Metal subgenre, whilst exploring the unforgiving winter that is the song’s subject. After a veil of synthesizers are lifted MORK’s signature Black Metal tonalities are revealed for a mid paced rhythm that eventually gives way to Eriksen’s signature vocals and lachrymose lead lines.

Regarding the track Thomas Eriksen had the following to say:

“Forført Av Kulden’About being seduced into the cold hard weather outside by an unknown force. Wandering into the snowstorm at night and ending up freezing to death. It depicts a somewhat glorified theme of death as a beautiful and unavoidable thing.”

Eriksen also comments: 

Releasing a new album is kind of like closing a chapter of my life. «Dypet» contains emotions and influences from the last couple of years of my existence. Now it will be lifted from my shoulders and set free into the world. It is all there, engraved into the MORK discography as vinyl, cd and digital information. It is a relief to have the finished piece infront of me, and I proudly present it for all of you.”

‘Dypet’ sees MORK create a miasma of grim and frost-bitten riffs and harsh vocal melodies, marking the next logical evolution to come from the brilliant mind of Thomas Eriksen. The album simultaneously pushes new ideas forward yet still retains the signature foundations of ice cold hypnotic Black Metal.

The album also features a special guest appearance from HJELVIK, the former singer of fellow Nordic legends Kverlertak, on ‘Hoye Murer’. It also delves into the world of analogue synth’s adding a different but no less hellish soundscape to MORK’s palette.

‘Dypet’, Norwegian for ‘abyss’ promises to ring true to its name delivering eight brand new tracks that feature Thomas Eriksen’s signature Black Metal howls and caustic guitars. The album was once more performed, recorded and mixed by Eriksen with engineering assisted by Freddy Holm whilst mastering was carried out by Jack Control at Enormous Door (Darkthrone).

‘Forført Av Kulden’ and the ‘Dypet’ album are both out now on all streaming platforms.

‘Dypet’ unites all MORK trademarks and pushes it so skilful, so that it is a true masterpiece. This album assures MORK a spot on the list of the real big bands of Norwegian Black Metal!” – Legacy 13/15

“The Mork mastermind has done some of the very best work to preserve the legacy of the genre that has become Norway’s biggest cultural export. Dypet is no exception.”Metal Injection – 10/10

“This album will easily keep you entertained for 45 minutes and afterwards you will have to admit that pure Norwegian black metal is still alive and well!’’ – Rock Tribune – 8/10

“belongs in the genre-best from Norway in recent years…  Consistently traditional, but compositionally versatile Songs, which on top of that live of a tangible abominable mood.” – Rock Hard – 8.5/10 

“It is a remarkable album that manages to express emotions of melancholy and suffering from start to finish” – Metalbite – 9/10

“A must have Album!”Metallian – 4/6 

“Once more. Top drawer” – Ave Noctum  9/10 

“yet another superb album from Mork” – Metal Talk 

“An essential in any extreme discography” – Hard Force

Mork Combo

‘Dypet’ track listing:

  1. Indred Demoner [6:15]
  2. Forfort Av Kulden [5:20]
  3. Svik [5:16]
  4. Et Kall Fra Dypet [7:31]
  5. Hoye Murer (Feat HJELVIK) [6:41}
  6. Bortgang [5:49]
  7. Avskum [4:44]
  8. Tilbake Til Opprinnelsen [6:15]
  • CD (Digipak)
  • Limited edition silver coloured vinyl LP in a heavy-duty gatefold sleeve
  • Black LP in a heavy-duty gatefold sleeve
  • Digital