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My Dying Bride – Feel The Misery disc exchange

To clearly distinguish between the ‘journalist review edition’ and the ‘final master’, on track 6 (‘I Celebrate Your Skin’), on the final master, three bell sounds appear within the intro.

If you would like to exchange your now rare CD for the final master disc please send it to:

Feel The Misery
PO Box 20

Please ensure you include your return address.


iTunes re-download instructions

iTunes customers can log into the account used to purchase, and do the following to download the final master version.

  • Go to their music library.
  • Navigate to the album or track(s).
  • Highlight the tracks and delete the tracks from their library (and send files to trash)
  • In the iTunes application window, at the upper right you can see the account name you are signed in under.
  • Click and pull down the menu next to your name.
  • Select “purchased” from the menu
  • This will display a list of recent purchases on the account.
  • Find the album or track(s) and you will see a little cloud icon in the upper right hand corner of the cover art.
  • Click on the cloud icon to redownload the current correct versions of the files

My Dying Bride – Feel The Misery has been released to excellent reviews..
“A great metal album; it’s also art. What more Can you ask for?”   Zero Tolerance
‘Their strongest full length this century”   Metal Hammer
“a triumphant statement of ongoing vitality”  The Guardian

Some of you may have noticed some differences between the CD and LP editions. This arose because for initial runs of the CD and disc one of the box versions of the album the master used was the initial ‘journalist’s review master’, whereas the LP and later CD pressings include the band’s Final Master.

We are sorry for this error and have set up a facility for those fans who wish to exchange their copy of this initial CD disc for the version with the Final Master. If you would like to send back your now rare CD, full details on exchange are here (Itunes redownload  instructions are also here).

My Dying Bride ‘Feel the Misery’
9/10  Metal Hammer
9/10  Terrorizer
#2 Soundcheck  Sonic Seducer Germany
#2 Soundcheck  Metal Hammer Germany
5/5   Zero Tolerance
“MDB deliver 8 monumental tracks which crush and elevate the soul at once: masterpiece.”  Rockerilla, Italy
“MDB’s 12th LP feels like a gift: eight songs that are as heavy, somber and poetic as anything they’ve released.”  Decibel, USA
“Feel The Misery is another such atmospheric outstanding CD in MDBs discography”  Legacy, Germany
“the Great My Dying Bride is back”  Metallian, France