Fleurety “Min Tid Skal Komme’ – to be released as limited edition white vinyl LP on June 23

FLEURETY was formed in Ytre Enebakk, Norway in 1991, & is known for pioneering an experimental & boundarybreaking approach to black metal, integrating a variety of styles beyond purely metallic ones. The band has released three studio albums to date, plus a string of EPs, & has primarily existed as a duo featuring guitarist Alexander Nordgaren (formerly live guitarist for Norwegian legends, Mayhem) & drummer/vocalist Svein Egil “Zweizz” Hatlevik (Umoral, Strid, ex-Dødheimsgard) throughout their full history.

After a long hiatus, Fleurety triumphantly returned in 2017 with their third studio album, ‘The White Death’; a new evolution for the band following their ‘Department of Apocalyptic Affairs’ release in2000, while retaining the core essence of their timeless debut in particular. Fleurety was considered a slight oddity to the rest of the Norwegian movement at the time of their inception in the 90s, for developing an altogether different style along with more dynamic musical influences and obscure & non-traditional riffing.


Fleurety Min Tid white

Following on from the ‘Black Snow’ demo in 1993 & the ‘A Darker Shade of Evil’ 7” the following year, the band quickly refined their at times chaotic sound and presented their debut masterpiece to the world, in the shape of the full-length release, ‘Min Tid Skal Komme’; an exquisite and revered journey through dark and often introspective soundscapes.

‘Min Tid Skal Komme’ was originally recorded at Panser Studio in Norway & was specially remastered by longstanding partner of the band, Greg Chandler (Esoteric) at Priory Studios for this release. This vinyl edition of ‘Min Tid Skal Komme’ also features the cover artwork from the album’s original release.

The record was also recently inducted into the Decibel Magazine Hall of Fame which you can view HERE.

Presented on limited white vinyl.

A.1. Fragmenter Av En Fortid [09:37]

A.2. En Skikkelse I Horisonten [11:33]

B.1. Hvilelos? [05:24]

B.2. Englers Piler Har Ingen Brodd [12:33]

B.3. Fragmenter Av En Fremtid [05:37]

Norwegian avantgarde-Metal legends Fleurety release new video for “Trauma” Taken from recent album The White Death


FLEURETY formed in Ytre Enebakk, Norway in 1991, and are known for their experimental & boundary-breaking approach to black metal. Peaceville Records are proud to welcome them to the label’s roster for their upcoming opus.

Their brand-new album, The White Death is Fleurety’s third full-length studio release marks almost two decades since the release of Department of Apocalyptic Affairs, and shows the band returning to the style of the legendary debut Min Tid Skal Komme (1995); however, this time more experimental, sarcastic and concise. As a result, The White Death captures a darker and more disturbing version of Fleurety than ever before, embracing the strange and the abstract to create a wholly unconventional yet often poignant opus, both deep and raw in its expression.

Watch the new video for “Trauma” above. The piece features guest vocalist, Norwegian actress and singer Linn Nystadnes and has been created, filmed, edited & directed by the band’s own Svein Egil Hatlevik.

“The trauma season is approaching, and we are celebrating with the release of a music video. This is the first Fleurety music video ever. Please everyone: A big hand to guest singer Linn Nystadnes! We wish you all the best trauma, whether you spend it with family, friends or by yourself. And happy new PTSD!” – Svein Egil Hatlevik & Fleurety

Fleurety’s line-up for The White Death features guitarist Alexander Nordgaren and drummer/vocalist Svein Egil “Zweizz” Hatlevik, now joined by bassist/vocalist Czral-Michael Eide (Virus, Aura Noir), vocalist Linn Nystadnes (Deathcrush, Oilskin), plus flutist Krizla (Tusmørke, Alwanzatar) and backing vocalist Filip Roshauw (The Switch). ‘The White Death’ was recorded by the band themselves and mixed by godfather of Norwegian noise music, Lasse Marhaug. Mastering was performed by longstanding partner of the band Greg Chandler (Esoteric) at Priory Studios, with artwork courtesy of Trine+Kim Design Studio (Ulver, Darkthrone).

The band has released two albums to date, plus a string of EPs, & has primarily existed as a duo featuring Alexander Nordgaren (formerly live guitarist for Norwegian legends, Mayhem) & Svein Egil “Zweizz” Hatlevik (Umoral, Strid, ex-Dødheimsgard) throughout their full history.

Press for The White Death

“Fitting well-oiled black metal components in a gleaming prog rock engine” – Wire

“Absolutely essential and a huge achievement” – Ave Noctum

An intoxicating taste of what Prog Metal could have been like in a world where Opeth and Dream Theater didn’t get to chair the meeting” – Ghost Cult

“Fleurety are playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order.” – Metal Hammer Magazine

‘‘The White Death is a stunning, uncompromising and thought-provoking record that should be talked about for years to come” Noisey

“A lecture in efficacy from the masters” – Invisible Oranges

“The White Death, maintains the group’s earlier atmospheric black metal leanings, but still takes huge leaps of faith in terms of instrumentation”Decibel Magazine

“Unpredictable, wild, suave, schizophrenic, gentle, aggressive, ‘old school’, avant-garde … totally Fleurety!” – Metallian

“There is no limit for the imagination. A completely strange listening experience from the beginning to the end .. for friends of confusing sounds” – Orkus Magazine