The eagerly awaited new album ‘It Beckons Us All’ from Darkthrone is out now! Check out the video for ‘Bird People of Nordland’ above, created Matthew Vickerstaff .

Whilst freely admitting the concept for the song “Not a very metal subject, sorry!” Fenriz explains “ it’s about the EIDER bird and Nordland. Many years ago I saw a Norwegian documentary with the symbiotic relationship the coast people of Nordland had with the bird. They watched over the nests and in return could pick the eider for pillows clothing, warmth etc. So that is what the lyrics are about.” But, he continues “again, this is Ted’s song so a bit hard for me to comment on it musically but I will tell you all what I think when I hear it:

First of we have a typical grim Ted riff for the verse, then he surprises with a catchy riff for the refrain AND THEN comes my fave part of the album; the post-refrain riff which sounds like Queensryche 1984 style and you can also hear how much we enjoy to play it! EXACTLY where I want to be! Could have played that riff for 8 minutes straight, haha! This loops again with the refrain again without singing and then back to Queensryche ’84. Then first riff again with my added harmony guitar playing on it, what our studio man Ole Øvstedal called “the Corleone part”. 

A break arrives and then things are sped up (not faster than Yardbirds in 64, we are not an extreme metal band, more like MODERAT EPIC) which corresponds with a slower heavy metal riff where we also brought out the mellotrone if I remember correctly. 

Then Ted bombs you with a final part, primitive d-beat thrash with a riff that sounds like Tom G Warrior made it and I also ordered Ted to lay on some hellish guitars. Anyway, I LIVE for that queensryche 84 riff, Ted!”

Humble as ever Nocturno Culto states “Well, AGAIN, talking about our music really blows or is very difficult, at least for me. Personally, music is a floating thing, and I am having a hard time to try to break it down. It´s metal, a bit of heavy/doom/black/thrash, that is Darkthrone now, mixing genres has been something we have done since A Blaze, and especially since 2005. And I am just looking forward on new material, new riffs and ideas.”

It Beckons Us All, Darkthrone’s new masterpiece, is out now!



Fenriz comments of the song’s creation “Nocturno Culto sculpted BLACK DAWN AFFILIATION and as much as I writhe in woe trying to describe riffs I did not make, we are certainly rocking hard and dark around a dungeon of slow Kreator 1986-era riffs (think Awakening Of The Gods or Take Their Lives from the FLAG OF HATE 12”).

The song is linearly constructed, which is bold for a single but we often write this way. One could say it is a two-pronged beast which after the intermission (filled with a choir of the damned that we sung ourselves, believe it or not: “Aaaaaa.”) continues with my favourite riff in the song since I first heard it appear early in the second part and it is there that I was given the reins to let the halls and chambers of stardust levitate with unearthly synth and a voice that still today, when writing this, strikes me as being influenced by the first rock album I heard back in 1973 – Morrison Hotel. Lyrics darker and more disturbed than ever solidify these halls now.”

Nocturno Culto adds “It is not easy to describe the music you make, but for sure I will try…it´s heavy! Everything worked out as I hoped for this track. Some things are just forged in the studio, like as Fenriz´s excellent vocals at the end of the song; and the choir I wanted. Instead of just taking shortcuts, Fenriz and I recorded three vocal tracks each, and it was brilliantly mixed by Silje at Chaka Khan. There are many things one can say about riffs, but I make songs from a combination of a very methodical approach and happy accidents! And somewhere in the back of my head, it´s most likely there is something affecting a lot of my decisions on little details that shapes the riffing.”


Nocturno Culto photo courtesy of Peer Olav Kittilsen




“A cauldron of old and epic metal beckons thee”

It Beckons Us All tracklisting

1. Howling Primitive Colonies [06:30]

2. Eon 3 [05:43]

3. Black Dawn Affiliation [06:11]

4. And In That Moment I Knew The Answer [03:17]

5. The Bird People Of Nordland [07:27]

6. The Heavy Hand [04:18]

7. The Lone Pines Of The Lost Planet [10:03]

• Limited Edition Deluxe boxed edition: includes It Beckons Us All on CD, an exclusive corona vinyl LP & cassette and art prints all housed in a heavy duty lift off lid box

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Pioneers of a sound that changed the world. Lifelong disciples of suspense and mystery. An enigmatic duo like no other, hell-bent on haunting souls through the eternities. There are many things Darkthrone have been called since forming in 1986 and these are but a few, having drawn from a creative well so potent and powerful it turned them into one of Norway’s biggest musical exports. Following from their debut album Soulside Journey, the next  three full-lengths, often referred to as ‘the unholy three’, set the benchmark for black metal in the early 90s, though in truth they’ve never been the kind to rest on such laurels – distilling elements of vintage punk, doom, thrash and death into their own sonic fingerprint and continuing to test that equation throughout the years. It’s been quite the journey, having won cryptic pair Nocturno and Fenriz legions of loyal fans around the world. This tradition will only continue with latest masterpiece ‘It Beckons Us All’.

Set for release on 26 April 2024, the new music is an intense observation of the world around them – exciting and challenging the listener in equal measure, in the way only they can. Some of the riffs howl across a gallery of ice and snow while others crackle like a volcano awakening from its timeless slumber, Nocturno’s demonic barks ricocheting across the intoxicating structures almost like it’s beaming from long-distant galaxy. As Darkthrone have shown us so many times in the past, their music is as visual as it gets – evoking tangible imagery through the medium of sound. Whether the ideas are sombre, reflective or incensed, they exist as emotional concepts you can see and feel as much as you hear. “I am having difficulties putting into words my personal feelings around the existential title It Beckons Us All, I can only hope others out there can feel the darkness that encompasses it,” muses Fenriz.

Never afraid to venture beyond the confines of the extreme metal template they were paramount in creating, there are moments on ‘It Beckons Us All’ that will dazzle and surprise, as well as satisfy fans of old. Nocturno comments: “We recorded in the manner we always do, live, meaning drums and guitar, with another guitar added later. We found a new twist during this process that surely benefited this album. Fenriz did stellar clean vocals on several songs, and his way of thinking creatively made it so good. We also shared the bass work this time around. We added a lot of extra layers like solo guitars… it was just a cauldron of ideas. Instead of finding a plug-in or choir synth patch, we both recorded four vocal tracks each. Darkthrone is an ever-evolving band, as many should know by now, and this album is touching a bit into the heavy genre. I have no idea what genre we are, and have really not cared much about it, but I know for sure it’s metal.

In that sense, ‘It Beckons Us All’ is very much demonstrative of two visionaries at their world-commanding best. They know what works but more importantly they choose to grow, throwing every ounce of their hearts and souls into evolving the jaw-dropping whirlpool of noise that could only ever have come from their collective minds. There are clean guitars, clean vocals and less typical instruments thrown into the mix, but the approach, intent and ethos at the heart of their fearless artistry remains very much the same. This is music for dreamers who find themselves paralysed by the contrasting beauty and ugliness in the world surrounding them. Never ones to appease the faint-hearted, Darkthrone are as real and human as it gets.

‘It Beckons Us All’ was recorded in April and May 2023 at Chaka Khan Studios in Oslo, the same location used for the Eternal Hails and Astral Fortress albums, mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door, with artwork courtesy of Polish artist Zbigniew Bielak. (Facebook & Instagram).



DT-Tape-Boxset 500

As we mark 30 years since the release of the genre classic, ‘Under A Funeral Moon’, the True Black Metal era of the Norwegian pioneers is also commemorated with this special limited five cassette boxset.

Featuring what was always considered the unholy trinity of Darkthrone albums; namely 1992’s iconic ‘A Blaze in the Northern Sky’, along with ‘Under a Funeral Moon’ (1993) and ‘Transilvanian Hunger’ (1994), this collection also notably includes the often considered “missing link” in the form of 1995’s legendary ‘Panzerfaust’, to now proudly and rightly sit alongside those opuses, for what can be deemed a quartet of timeless and highly regarded black metal masterpieces. As an added bonus, the set also includes the ‘The Wind of 666 Black Hearts’ release, containing Darkthrone’s rare ‘A Blaze in the Northern Sky’ and ‘Under a Funeral Moon’ rehearsals.

The accompanying 40 page booklet features rare photos from this period of the band, as well as text chronicling the early-mid 90’s chapter of Darkthrone from the prior ‘Black Death & Beyond’ book release, along with extra compiled articles on this period. Additionally, ‘Unholy Black Metal’ includes two posters in the shape of the ‘Taakeferd’ and ‘Ferdasyn’ paintings from ‘Under a Funeral Moon’ and ‘TransilvanianHunger’ respectively, plus eight photo prints and a certificate of authenticity.

This set is strictly limited to 1000 copies worldwide and will be shipping within days of you placing your order  .. when it’s gone it’s gone! 

UBM tape box cover 500


A Blaze In The Northern Sky (1992)

A.1. Kathaarian Life Code [09:10]

A.2. In The Shadow Of The Horns [07:02]

A.3. Paragon Belial [05:20]

B.1. Where Cold Winds Blow [07:26]

B.2. A Blaze In The Northern Sky [04:58]

B.3. The Pagan Winter [06:34]


Under A Funeral Moon (1993)

A.1. Natassja In Eternal Sleep [03:31]

A.2. Summer Of The Diabolical Holocaust [05:20]

A.3. The Dance Of Eternal Shadows [03:45]

A.4. Unholy Black Metal [03:33]

B.1. To Walk The Infernal Fields [07:52]

B.2. Under A Funeral Moon [05:07]

B.3. Inn I De Dype Skogens Fabn [05:17]

B.4. Crossing The Triangle Of Flames [06:13]


Transilvanian Hunger (1994)

A.1. Transilvanian Hunger [06:10]

A.2. Over Fjell Og Gjennom Torner [02:29]

A.3. Skald Av Satans Sol [04:19]

A.4. Slottet I Det Fjerne [04:45]

B.1. Graven Takeheimens Saler [04:59]

B.2. I En Hall Med Flesk Og Mjod [05:13]

B.3. As Flittermice As Satans Spys [05:55]

B.4. En As I Dype Skogen [05:02]


Panzerfaust (1995)

A.1. En Vind Av Sorg [06:22]

A.2. Triumphant Gleam [04:24]

A.3. The Hordes Of Nebulah [05:33]

B.1. Hans Siste Vinter [04:50]

B.2. Beholding The Throne Of Might [06:06]

B.3. Quintessence [07:39]

B.4. Sno Og Granskog (Utferd) [04:08]


The Wind Of 666 Black Hearts (pre-album recordings ’91/’92)

A.1. A Blaze In The Northern Sky (demo) [04:58]

A.2. Kathaarian Life Code (rehearsal 1991) [09:10]

A.3. The Pagan Winter (rehearsal 1991) [05:22]

A.4. Where Cold Winds Blow (rehearsal 1991) [07:26]

A.5. In The Shadow Of The Horns (rehearsal 1991) [07:02]

B.1. Summer Of The Diabolical Holocaust (rehearsal 1992) [05:15]

B.2. Crossing The Triangle Of Flames (rehearsal 1992) [05:57]

B.3. Under A Funeral Moon (rehearsal 1992) [05:09]

B.4. The Dance Of Eternal Shadows (rehearsal 1992) [03:45]

B.5. Unholy Black Metal (rehearsal 1992)  [03:33]




VILELP819 Outer Sleeve.indd

Darkthrone began life in the late 80s, experimenting with thrash, death & doom metal before eventually delving into the black metal genre & becoming synonymous with the style as one of the most highly regarded acts.

Goatlord was the title of what was to originally be Darkthrone’s second album. The style followed very much in the vein of debut, Soulside Journey, with a mid-paced melodic, yet technical, death metal style. After the full completion of the tracks, however, Darkthrone’s focus shifted towards black metal and a more primitive style of composition & so the album was shelved, while work commenced on what was to be the Norwegian black metal milestone, A Blaze in the Northern Sky, which incorporated some parts from the Goatlord tracks.

Goatlord: Original contains these cult tracks in their original instrumental form, recorded in the band’s rehearsal space (vocals were added in the mid-90’s before an official release came through MoonfogProductions in 1996), with the classic line-up of Gylve ‘Fenris’ Nagell on drums, Nocturno Culto on lead guitar, Ivar Enger on Rhythm guitar, and Dag Nilsen on bass.

Taken from Fenriz’s original tape source and transferred/mastered by Patrick Engel at Temple of Disharmony, this is the pinnacle of Darkthrone’s more death/doom metal oriented direction before the transition towards black metal infamy. Featuring intricate arrangements, sombre melodies and a truly distinguishable style overall, Goatlord: Original represents a band performing well in advance of its young age.

Artwork for this release appears courtesy of renowned artist, Zbigniew Bielakfacebook.com/zbigniewmbielak / @zbigniewmbielak


Goatlord: Original’ tracklisting

1. Phantasm [04:09]

2. Hearses [02:46]

3. Possessed [04:37]

4. Below [04:03]

5. Blasphemer [04:56]

6. Rise [03:55]

7. Eclipse [03:51]

8. Wings [03:50]

9. Wolf [03:47]

10. A Blaze In The Northern Sky [04:48]

11. Trident [04:06]

Astral Fortress


“On steady course away from all trends”

AF cover art

Other vinyl colours available

Exclusive to the Peaceville Stores

From their formation back in 1986, to becoming one of Norway’s finest and enigmatic musical exports (with a number of highly revered black metal masterpieces released in the early 90’s helping to solidify their legacy), Darkthrone has continued to evolve and challenge in equal measure, throughout their illustrious recording career spanning over three decades. And now, the ever-productive duo of Nocturno and Fenriz continue their own metallic saga with a new selection of fine, vintage sounding headbanging classics in the making .. Astral Fortress

This new studio opus is a swift follow-up to 2021’s Eternal Hails opus, as a result of Darkthrone’s consistent and ongoing writing process, which has been in force for some years now.

For Darkthrone does not sleep – it only waits.

Carried on the brisk wind of eager rock, with foundations in black, thrash, doom and heavy metal, Astral Fortress is the latest album of stellar, eclectic old metal in the Darkthrone odyssey. With a seemingly endless dungeon full of heavy metal influences channelled through Darkthrone’s dynamic riff-machine, plus also with many increasing inspirations taken from their own past catalogue.

Fenriz comments As usual, Ted makes music by playing himself and riffs just come to me. I think since 2016’s ARCTIC THUNDER, we have mostly been inspired by our own back catalogue. I can hear many of my riffs eventually sounding like a plethora of bands but this seldom seems to correlate with what others hear. As you’ll know by now I never talk about the lyrics or the inspiration behind them and I would never want any lyrics that I like of others to be explained to me but I will tell you this, it is darker than ever, it is seething with hell.”

Even though sprinkled with atmospheric touches such as synthesizers and mellotron on Astral Fortress to great effect, the Darkthrone sound remains stripped down to the core; always primitive and organic. Darkthrone has truly become its own beast within the metal world.

‘Astral Fortress’ was recorded at Chaka Khan Studios in Oslo, the same location used for the Eternal Hails album, with Ole Øvstedal and Silje Høgevold.

Astral Fortress is available on the following formats : 

  • Limited Edition Deluxe boxed edition: includes Astral Fortress on CD, an exclusive clear vinyl LP & cassette, printed letter from Fenriz and exclusive art prints all housed in a heavy duty lift off lid box
  • Limited edition curacao blue coloured LP – exclusively available through the Peaceville stores
  • CD
  • LP
  • Digital
  • Plus other limited edition coloured vinyl LPs are available in stores across the world – gold, white, yellow, green, purple and silver .. a collectors dream .. if you can find them!

Astral Fortress Tracklist:

1. Caravan Of Broken Ghosts

2. Impeccable Caverns Of Satan

3. Stalagmite Necklace

4. The Sea Beneath The Seas Of The Sea

5. Kevorkian Times

6. Kolbotn, West Of The Vast Forests

7. Eon 2

Darkthrone have released the song “Caravan Of Broken Ghosts” accompanied by a lyric video filmed by Fenriz and created by Matthew Vickerstaff.

With the song, Fenriz says “there is a revisit vibe of ‘Quintessence’ at first, which is a total coincidence as it is Ted’s song and I wrote ‘Q’. The song then explodes into fiercer metal, pounding and catching there as well, with clever riff shifts. And then the classic doom ending. Thank you, Ted”

And curious to know more about the video concept? Let’s hear from Fenriz…




Darkthrone Blaze CD MOCKUP
MockUp-Darkthrone-ABlazeintheNorthernSky-Large blk

“A Blaze In The Northern Sky” Tracklist:

A.1 Kathaarian Life Code [10:39]

A.2 In The Shadow Of The Horns [07:02]

A.3 Paragon Belial [05:20]

B.1 Where Cold Winds Blow [07:26]

B.2 A Blaze In The Northern Sky [04:58]

B.3 The Pagan Winter [06:34]

Darkthrone & Peaceville are marking the 30th anniversary of the iconic “A Blaze In The Northern Sky” with a strictly limited-edition – 666 copies only – special anniversary clear vinyl LP, special handmade sleeves courtesy of Bartek Rogalewicz at Lodge.Black Temple. All 666 numbered copies will be hand-signed by Fenriz and Nocturno Culto. This edition also contains a refresh of the original 1992 audio master.

ONLY 666 limited numbered copies of ‘A Blaze in the Northern Sky’ on exclusive clear vinyl only available through the Peaceville Stores

  • All copies are signed by Fenriz and Nocturno Culto on paper made in year 1666!
  • True artisan release redesigned and hand crafted by Bartek Rogalewicz at Lodge.Black Temple.
  • Thick 2mm hardcover in handmade black raw paper and paper sourced from an ancient book from year 1666.
  • Hand printed using vintage manual woodcut press.
  • Printed with custom made silver ink with addition of powdered goat horns.
  • Hand numbered.
  • 4 pages insert with lyrics and alternate layout.

For the anniversary “A Blaze In The Northern Sky” will also be available on white vinyl LP, black vinyl LP and CD – all with the original cover art and using a refresh of the original 1992 audio master. An anniversary T-shirt with 1992 design will also be available. 

’A Blaze In The Northern Sky’, Darkthrone’s official second album, was originally released in 1992 and was without question the blueprint for the Black Metal scene, spearheading the evolution of the early second wave movement in Norway & beyond. It was hailed on release as an album of true scene-shifting greatness, following their more death metal focussed debut, ’Soulside Journey’.

The rawness apparent on the album (recorded at Creative Studios, the same location as Mayhem’s legendary Deathcrush was put to tape), was unusual for the time and an antithesis to the usual metal production values & standards during the period. With this, Darkthrone’s statement of attitude & intent was clear, and their status as masters of Norwegian black metal was set.




Eternal Hails will be available on the following formats:

  • Ltd edition deluxe box set containing – Exclusive purple coloured heavyweight vinyl / CD in alternate digisleeve format / cassette tape / 12 page booklet containing a biography surrounding the creation of the album & studio experience / 10″ art print of David Hardy’s Pluto & Charon painting / handwritten letter print from Fenriz
  • CD
  • Black 180g vinyl LP
  • Oxblood 180g coloured vinyl LP
  • Marble 180g coloured vinyl LP exclusive to the Peaceville.com/store
  • Picture disc
  • Digital

As the legendary John Peel once said of The Fall, “Always different, always the same,” so too one could say the same of Darkthrone. Things change, times change, people change, and yet even when sounding fresh and new and delivering just five tracks in 45 minutes on their 19th album, Eternal Hails, the Norwegian black metal legends remain defiantly and eternally Darkthrone.


Since forming in 1986 as Black Death in Kolboton, Norway, Darkthrone have been masters of their art. Dropping the death metal of 1991’s Soulside Journey debut album in favour of a more primitive, black metal sound on the following year’s A Blaze In The Northern Sky, they helped define black metal in the ‘90s through albums like 1993’s Under A Funeral Moon and its follow-up Transilvanian Hunger. Truly, though, Darkthrone remain unique, even in their own canon.


On Eternal Hails, the longer, doomier songs reflect drummer Fenriz’s love of doom, taking their time to make their point. For Fenriz, what he and co-conspirator Nocturno Culto have concocted stretches back even further than discovering black metal, to the sounds of the ‘70s and the more freewheeling sounds of bands playing with more expansive themes. This didn’t just make the songs longer, it made them an entirely different beast from the ground up. “When I was a kid growing up with metal I kept looking for bands with long songs. Black Sabbath had many, and Celtic Frost’s ‘Dawn Of Meggido’ had a long song, so I put that on in the record store and discovered another dimension of metal. Candlemass’ ‘Epicus Doomicus Metallicus’ had only long songs, so I think I bought that without even listening, and it was one of my best buys ever – an eternal inspiration for my entire career..”


“For us it has become a bit logical, hard to explain, but you get to build up for a different kind of listening,” says Nocturno Culto. “A three-minute song is nothing we think of at the moment. We like it this way. For now.”

  1. His Master’s Voice [07:17]
  2. Hate Cloak [09:16]
  3. Wake of the Awakened [08:24]
  4. Voyage to a North Pole Adrift [09:24]
  5. Lost Arcane City of Uppakra [07:02]


Even a change of studio hasn’t really changed anything in Darkthrone’s DNA. Having recorded all albums since 2004 using their own Necrohell II studio – a portable 8-track recorder housed in an old bomb shelter, itself a replacement for the original Necrohell 4-track used for Transilvanian Hunger and Panzerfaust, until it became “too necro” and broke – for Eternal Hails the band went to Chaka Khan Studio in Oslo for the first time.


In a world changing too fast for anything to stick, Darkthrone are both able to stay fresh, but also reassuringly reliable. And no matter where they record, what they do or what gear the use to do it – Fenriz actually ended up using a drum kit belonging to Carmine Appice when he was in Rod Stewart’s band this time around – this, it seems, will never and can never change.


As Fenriz himself puts it, “No matter what happens we will still sound like us, it seems!”


Join Fenriz twice a month discussing metal’s mightiest tracks from playlists curated specially for the show. Patrons can message the man through this page and selected questions or comments will be passed along and responded to on air.


The first episode we put together is available to stream for free NOW with all subsequent episodes being exclusive for patrons only. We’re sticking to a bi-weekly release schedule here for several reasons and its unlikely shows will ever drop more frequently than that. Typical Patreon bonus stuff like video is definitely never gonna happen. However, depending on the level of interest in the show going forward, we may introduce tier bonuses later. Already kicking around some ideas. Stay tuned.


A message from Fenriz: “So, after 3 years of radio (fenriz) silence I am back, I had listeners in more than 50 countries back then on soundcloud and it was a one way communicative channel (get it?) only this time my show is a tad more interactive and I have a sidekick that will monitor questions one can ask me that I will answer on the show and the songs will be played on the show directly and I will talk a lot more than I did on my soundcloud shows. It IS behind a paywall so for the sake of Testament those of you who are interested in FENRIZ METAL PACT will need to get OVER THE WALL and join in the pact. The styles I will play are typically more underground stuff, old demo tracks and songs and bands I genuinely dig the hell out of and should cater to metal maniacs from ALL countries. I have stuff to do and a life to lead so there will only be two episodes a month and with this you can all get to know me and my taste in metal a bit better. I cannot offer you THE truth but I can offer you MY truth”.

Shadows of Iconoclasm

Limited edition deluxe box set out now

This deluxe set marks the formative years of one of Norway’s finest & most celebrated metal exports, as well as highlighting the 30th anniversary of their ground-breaking debut opus Soulside Journey, this extensive vinyl and cassette boxset contains the full early works of the band, much of which sees a release for the first time, including restored material courtesy of Patrick Engel at Temple of Disharmony. From humble beginnings to revered gods of metal, Shadows of Iconoclasm unfolds the band’s early journey towards greatness.


The special cover artwork for this set is inspired by the early works of the band & comes courtesy of notable artist Zbigniew Bielak.


This box set has been compiled and curated with the band and features content from their personal archives – Fenriz comments “We only had a few months to write what would become ‘A Blaze in the Northern Sky’ and we had to blacken up a whole song from the ‘Goatlord’ session, and here and there on ‘A Blaze…’ you can hear a few riffs from ‘Goatlord’. Ironically I ended up listening way more to the ‘Goatlord’ album than I ever did with ‘A Blaze in the Northern Sky’. Maybe because ‘Goatlord’ feels super-real to me and I want to thank Patrick Engel for cleaning up the rehearsal sound without manipulating it much.”


He continues “The real sensation in this box is the live performance from Bootleg Stage Oslo 1990, soundboard sound with live performances of several of the tracks from our Goatlord album, I was so stoked when I discovered this (and no, I never had this on video myself so it was the first time I heard the audio now after over 30 years and it made me very happy. It was a non-alcoholic stage but we were pretty wasted too!)”



DT-DemoBoxSet mock up x1000

‘Shadows Of Iconoclasm’ contains: 

• 6 LPs plus 7” featuring:
– A newly remastered 30th anniversary edition of 1991’s Soulside Journey
– The original Goatlord instrumental rehearsal/album – specially transferred & restored from Fenriz’ original tape
Live in Esbjerg, Denmark 1990 – first time on vinyl
Live in Oslo November 1990 –a new digital transfer from the original master tapes from the Bootleg TV archive. Previously unreleased.
Live in Riihimaki & Lahti, Finland. Darkthrone’s 1991 – first time on vinyl format
Tracks from Oslo 1989 Bootleg TV appearance on 7” vinyl, including the Celtic Frost cover, ‘Visual Aggression’


• The 4 cult Darkthrone demos presented on cassette tape with their original art & layout


• DVD featuring a new digital transfer of Darkthrone’s November 1990 Oslo appearance from original master tapes, as well as their Finnish tour date appearances


• plus bonus footage from Oslo 1989 & a previously unseen track from their September 1990 Oslo gig


• 60 page book with a large collection of band photos, plus text covering the early years of the band as featured in the ‘Black Death & Beyond’ book, including additional text for this release, plus bonus chapters compiled from rare Darkthrone titles


• Band promotional photo print replica


• Soulside Journey art print


• Posters of the original Darkthrone logo image drawing & gig poster promoting their Oslo live appearance from September 1990