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’Tolling 13 Knell’, Mortuary Drape’s third full-length album, was originally released in 2000. Often regarded as one of the band’s strongest works, the album delivers an eerie concoction of evil metal riffing & dark occult atmosphere to unnerving effect. Now remastered with bonus tracks. On CD & double LP.


Mortuary Drape
Tolling 13 Knell double vinyl



It was 1986 when Mortuary Drape was founded by the central core of three people, one of which is still in the band (Wildness Perversion).
Music and trends that inspired the founders are from the 'black metal' style with an esoteric-necromantic current both for the lyrics and for the stage design impact: they decided to baptize their style as 'black-occult metal'.

In 1987 they released first demo 'Necromancy', which gained a great response in the underground scene, a demo that in the years to come became an authentic cult for the lovers of this genre.
During the period from 1988 to the first half of 1991 the line-up stabilized and also saw the releasse of the band's second demo, 'Doom Return'.

In 1991 the band was in touch with various labels about a record deal, & the band made its debut with the first CD called 'Into the Drape' published by the Greek record label Decapitated Records. This was immediately followed by an appearance on the compilation 'Wine of Satan' for Spellbound (another Greek label) & were the only Italian band on the LP.
In this period there was also a sudden change in the band where the founder Wildness Perversion remained the only one with the double role of vocalist & drummer. In 1994 Mortuary Drape released the second record called 'All the Witches Dance' for Unisound Records.
In June 1996 the 'Mourn Path' mini-CD set a new standard for the band as they embarked upon festivals & touring in Italy and Europe.
In October 1996, exactly ten years after the Mortuary Drape foundation, was the publication of the new album 'Secret Sudaria' (Eleven Pieces) & the band made a partial line-up change with the return of all the founders of the band.

After some line-up problems hit the band, finally, in 1999, Mortuary Drape found stability and thus the members had the chance to create drafts of new songs that became the soul of the new album called 'Tolling 13 Knell' released for the label Avantgarde music.
The album was released at the end of 2000. After the release of 'Tolling 13 Knell' and a few live shows in support of it (for example the Darkness festival in Italy with Carpathian Forest and the No Mercy tour of Italy in 2001) there was another line-up revolution inside the band: in fact all the members except Wildness Perversion and Left-Hand Preacher (by now the guitar player) quit the band during 2001.
Fortunately, after a short period a new line-up was ready: Wildness Perversion- lead vocals; Left-Hand Preacher- guitars/vocals; and the three new members: Seeker of the Unknown- guitars/vocals; Arcane of Veiled Light- bass guitar/vocals; War Machine Helgast- drums/vocals.

In June 2003 Left-Hand Preacher left the Band for personal reasons and in August 2003 he was replaced by the guitarist Cruel Abbot. During the last 6 months of 2003 the band played some shows with the new axeman and kept on working hard to complete and re-arrange the songs for the new forthcoming (at the end of 2004) album.

At the end of 2003 the label named WILD PROD. reprinted the two cult demotapes "Necromancy 1987" and "Doom Return 1989" on CD.
In June 2004 the Drape started recording the new album called 'Buried in Time' at Alpha Omega Studios (Blevio, Como Italy) with the collaboration of Alex Azzali (Ancient, Cataract ). The session was completed in September 2004. The band was really satisfied by the great work done by Cruel Abbot too for this opus. Buried in Time was released November 2004; the new CD including 11 songs in pure Mortuary Drape style.

More live work folllowed & in late January, 2005: the vinyl version of 'Buried in Time' was released by Wild Productions; printed with a complete new layout in 666 copies, the first 166 only in red vinyl with double cardboard cover.

During 2007 & 2008 there were more line-up changes as the band played more European festivals, including the Anti-Christ Crusade tour, 13 days on the road across Europe.

During june 2009, due to a sequence of adverse events, Wildness Perversion remained the only member of the band but, despite this problem, he started to compose and arrange new songs for the next album after 'Buried in time'.

From 2009 to 2012 W.P., after negotiations with several international labels and the Italian Iron Tyrant Records, chose to sign with them to reprint some historical albums and add some unpublished songs and live tracks. The constant increase of requests for old records led to 20 different productions, both CD and Vinyl/LP, in different types of packages like wood cases & special boxes...

At the same time of these releases new musicians were introduced to help with live work. So Mortuary Drape took part in several European festivals and in a mini-tour of 4 gigs in Brazil with the swedish band Watain. In May 2012 the band was also requested as special guest to perform at the Maryland Deathfest (U.S.A.).

During July 2012 there was another line-up change. Alongside D.C., S.C. and S.R. (all part of the band since 2010) came M.B. as new drummer.

Within the last months of 2012 the band started the recording session for the new album in pure Mortuary Drape style. This return to the roots is warranted by the great engagement of the new line-up to recreate the typical Drape sound. For this occasion Wildness Perversion dealt with both vocals and drums.

In January 2013 the english label Peaceville got in touch with the band to reprint the last two albums "Tolling 13 Knell" and "Buried in time", previously released by Avantgarde Records, now completely remastered and enriched by bonus tracks, unpublished photos and new artwork edited by Wildness Perversion himself.

In the meantime the band continued to put the finishing touches to their next awaited masterpiece.



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Live Dates

October 2015

  • 17/10, Boston Music Room - London, UK

November 2015

  • 07/11, The Middle East Downstairs - Cambridge, MA, US
  • 08/11, Saint Vitus - Brooklyn, NY, US
  • 09/11, Saint Vitus - Brooklyn, NY, US
  • 10/11, Metro Gallery - Baltimore, MD, US
  • 12/11, Reggie's Rock Club - Chicago, IL, US

July 2016

  • 01/07, Folkparken Valhall - Bengtsfors, Sweden

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