The Provenance

‘Red Flags’ was recorded at Studio Gesperrt, the band’s own studio, between June and October 2005. It was mixed at Oral Majority Recordings by Roberto Laghi: (LOK, Hardcore Superstar, Mustasch, Transport League, Freak Kitchen, etc). Mastering was carried out at Bohus Sound by Dragan Tanaskovic.

The band have also recorded a video for the track, ‘Second and Last but Not Always’, which is also available as a download only 4 track single, with 3 exclusive songs.


The Provenance
Red Flags



Since the start in 1996, The Provenance’s general aim, both musically as well as lyrically, has been to portray the hopelessness, despair and frustration of living in a bleak and gloomy world. This is also where one is able to find the beauty and wonders of reality.

Having released “How would you like to be spat at” in January 2005, they managed to prove, not only to themselves but also to the attentive masses, they stand securely with both feet on the ground in an experimental, tentative world of pitch-black music. The drastic development this band has undergone over the years clearly indicates their uniqueness when it comes to experimentation and alteration, musically as well as personally. In hope to inspire and enthuse, The Provenance incessantly continues to pound the shape of uniform, homogeneous and narrow-minded conceptions of the music scene at large.

The Swedes have always embraced the notion of artistic exploration and development and consistently return with a fresh musical approach incomparable to each and every one of their previous releases, including the awe-inspiring work of 2001’s “25th hour; bleeding…”, 2003’s “Still at arms length” and 2005’s “How would you like to be spat at”.

Leaving Scarlet Records behind in 2005, the band strives onward with their fourth full-length release “Red flags”, released in 2006 on Peaceville Records.

Through various hardships and ordeals, in the face of mundane everyday life intrusions, this dark and restless quintet had constantly stuck together. They have stood and delivered, year by year, album by album and thus, unsurprisingly, the number of followers had steadily increased. With “Red flags” the band made it perfectly clear they stood even taller, with their strongest and perhaps most twisted effort to date.

Red Flags was a fresh slab of heaviness, embracing every aspect of The Provenance's unique approach to composition & dynamics and was greeted with acclaim by media and fans alike. Unfortunately this was to be the last album by the band, who called it a day in late 2008, leaving a great legacy of challenging music.




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Band Members

  • Emma Hellström Vocals, keyboards
  • Tobias Martinsson Vocals, guitars
  • Joel Lindell Drums, lyrics
  • Joakim Rosén Guitars
  • Jonnie Täll Bass

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